About us

Welcome to Botley Bridges, a community-led charity. Our aim is to support the care and upbringing of children to age 11 living in Botley, Oxfordshire and its environs by providing support services for families with children and creating a space for the community to come together so that families can support each other.

We aim to support children’s learning and development by running ‘Stay, Play, and Learn’ sessions for families with young children, running holiday activities for families with older children and supporting new parents with young babies through a weekly group and links with the health visitor.

Fees will be charged but there will be concessions for families on low income.

Contact the coordinator for information about the programme.

coordinator@botleybridges.org  or mobile   07498563636

The directors and trustees of Botley Bridges are:

Sue Dowe (Chairman@botleybridges.org)
Mick Phillips (Secretary@botleybridges.org)
Kim Randell (Treasurer@botleybridges.org)
Sarah Cohen
Louise Kunzeman

Whistleblowing- If you have any concerns regarding the behaviour of staff contact the directors/trustees.

Registered company number 10449825

Registered charity number       1172139