Chatterboxes & Bookworms replacing Movers, Shakers & Talkers

Exciting new session beginning on Monday 4th September from 1-15- 3.15 – Chatterboxes and Bookworms. This session replaces the one formerly known as Movers, Shakers and Talkers.

This is a Stay and Play session based on language, communication and books and is suitable for ages 0-5..

You will have a chance to:


Join in with singing, rhymes, stories and parachute games.
Listen to stories and songs from around the world and in different languages.
Take part in book swaps – bring in books to swap with each other.
Experience lots of new experiences which will in turn widen vocabulary.
Take part in free play with some activities based on well known stories.
Socialise and play with other children, Learn to share and take turns.
Meet other parents and gain support from each other, our staff and volunteers. Get information about support services.
Have healthy snacks and drinks.

Recommended donation of £2 per family waged and 50p unwaged.

If you would like to volunteer to tell us a story or traditional tale in another language or teach us a song from your home Country, please contact us through our website ,
email: or call 07498563636

Chatterboxes and Bookworms poster(pdf)