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Stay, Play and Learn


Monday 1-3pm

 and Friday  9-11am

Drop-in.  £2 per family, £.50 concessions. Suitable for ages 0-7.

What we will provide?

  • Opportunities for children to learn through play, songs, rhymes and stories

  • A friendly place for parents to meet, gain support either from each other or staff and volunteers

  • Information about support services

  • Healthy snacks

What parents and carers can do?

  1. Meet new people and gain support and friendship.

  2. Gain new ideas for activities and play resources for children

  3. Access a range of information

  4. Learn new songs to sing with children at home

How will it help children?

  1. Children will enjoy a different environment and equipment, which cannot be easily accessed at home e.g. bikes, large sandpit, messy activities.

  2. Begin to socialise and play with other children. Learn to share and take turns.

  3. Enjoy songs and rhyme.

  4. Widen vocabulary through new experiences.

  5. Begin to relate to other adults apart from parent i.e. other parents or carers