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Family Links Parenting Course

At Botley School, Elms Road, Oxford, OX2 9JZ

Starts 25th April, continues 2nd, 16th, 23rd May, 6:30-8:30pm.
£20 per person (concessions available)

Bringing up children is a difficult and demanding job. These workshops are aimed at parents/carers of children aged 0-7 and will support parents with ideas and strategies to tackle those difficulties which all parents face.

To book a space or for more information, email

Workshop One – 25 April

  • Understanding children’s behaviour
  • Listening and communication
  • Praise and encouragement

Workshop Two – 2 May

  • Praise & Guidance v criticism
  • Child-led Play
  • Positive moments

Workshop Three – 16 May

  • Boundaries and parenting styles
  • Time to calm down
  • Dealing with stress and conflict

Workshop Four – 23 May

  • Choices and consequences
  • Behaviour to ignore
  • Putting the puzzle together
  • Looking after ourselves